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Saturday, April 10, 2021

Jammu offers number of adventure activities for Tourists

Adventure Tourism in Samba Distt

LG Manoj Sinha said Jammu offers a number of adventure activities like foothills of Jammu, the magnificent mountains & unexplored terrains of Kishtwar, the alpine lakes of Rajouri and Poonch or the serene meadows of Bhaderwah & Patnitop. JK Tourism will develop these sites.

Saturday, August 29, 2020

Initiation of long awaited Mansar Lake Rejuvenation Project: Issues left behind !!!

Neglected tourism Distt Samba

Initiation of long awaited Mansar Lake Rejuvenation Project by Dr Jitendra Singh Union Home minister by holding a high-level meeting to discuss the DPR is a good step in the development of this area. Dr Jitendra Singh informed that the entire entire area of Mansar lake and its surrounding premises are to be divided into multipurpose destination which could attract visitors with different interest ranging from different religious tourism to non religious tourism, watersports to health Wellness and holidays makers to weekend visitors. He said as Mansar lake is not very far from National Highway it could be a relaxation point for the tourist who's coming in JKUT. Elaborating the multiplicity and diversification of projects that are a part of the Mansar rejuvenation plan, Dr Jitendra Singh said the Mansar Lake was not just a picnic spot and religious tourist destination but also had the potential of becoming a 'Heritage Spot'. He said that this could be done by
"Preservation and redevelopment of the Haveli located near the lake"
He emphasized the need for using Technology for development of Mansar as a Heritage site for showcasing the rich cultural heritage of Dogras. He also said there is a proposed plan for Birds Gallery and Birds Watchers Lodge. The total cost of the project upon finalizing will range from rupees 130 to 170 crore and it will include a variety of components for sustainable development of this site for religious Heritage adventure recreation and ecotourism these include revamping of  walkways, hot AirBalloons, musical fountains, amusement parks, AVN gallery Restoration of Haveli, sculpture and models presenting Dogra and other features include bio-toilets, free Wi-Fi zones and station centres, solar street light etc.

        In this regard I would like to have the attention of Dr Jitendra Singh that the proposed Heritage site which includes Haveli which was built by the Maharaja for the pilgrims who came to the Mansar lake we can also have this Heritage spot to be developed on more broader basis if we include in it Mahoregarh, Dhergarh, Bhupnergarh Forts, the three sisters which are in close vicinity of this lake and are only 8 km from The Pilgrimage site. As these Heritage forts has no communication link, so tourist have no knowledge of these places and if they have they can cannot go there due to non availability of road if the communication links are provided to these places under different Prime Minister Road schemes then these heritage sites they can also developed and add more beauty to this place. Moreover this could be a revenue generator for the entire area which is in miserable conditions due to non availability of road link. If a detailed study  is done on this and DPR to be prepared for this project this could be possible and the tourist have the glimpses of old cultural heritage of District Samba. As you have already mentioned The Tourist potential of These areas will be 20 lakhs when it will be completed, it will be Icing on the Cake, if these areas are also included in heritage tourism thus making a Heritage Circuit as these are also in close vicinity to Utterbehni and Purmandal (we have already mentioned this under our series of 'Neglected Tourism Part 2 3 4' to our  readers that how much potential these areas have and how much beauty these places have. Kindly find on Google on our website) which again needed only roads link. 

Monday, June 8, 2020

Rani Samadyian

Rani Samadyian is the ruins of Monument built in memory of rani of Suchet Singh who was Sati with the dead body of her husband

Rani Samadyian is a place near the banks of River Basanter where a monument was constructed in memory of Queen/Rani of Raja Suchet Singh one of the famous trio of Jamwal Dogra Brothers who were the king makers in the erstwhile Lahore Darbar (Sikh Kingdom). 

Suchet Singh was the younger brother of Maharaja Gulab Singh & Raja Dhiyan Singh (who served as Prime Minister in the Sikh kingdom under Maharaja Ranjeet Singh for 25 years). After the death of Maharaja Ranjeet Singh this trio controls the affairs of Lahore Darbar. In the famous Lahore Intrigues both Dhiyan Singh & Suchet Singh were murdered along with Dhiyan Singh's son Hira Singh(then Prime Minister) in the years between 1843-1844 when Duleep Singh the five year old infant was the crowned as emperor of Lahore Kingdom.

Maharaja Gulab Singh (Then Raja) gave the fort of Samba & it's principality to his brother Suchet Singh in 1824. The Rani of Suchet Singh who constructed famous ancient Rani Temple Shiv Mandir & used to worship there,when heard of death of her husband, decided to be Sati ( the custom that was prevalent at that time) with her husband. In the memory of Rani JI, a monument was constructed there which in local dogri dialect called rani Samadyian that is the Rani has taken Samadhi with her dead husband. 

This place is in total ruins here. The River Basanter had played havoc with this place & constant floods for years destroyed it. The ruins of the plinths & walls are still there that glimpses on its great magnificence. The designs on the stone are carved in a very beautiful way which u can seen still on the fragments. The beautiful coloured designs till can be seen on falling walls. In my childhood, I visited this place. At that time two complete compartments were there with beautiful coloured Graffiti pictures & designs but now there is nothing only a fragment of crumbling wall with a peepal tree who emerged from the walls. 

But when you go there, the loneliness of the place, the murmuring sound of River Basanter & the ruins of the place with decorative designs three feet or more wall widths submerged your mind in Nostalgia that what was the beauty of this place when the monument erected there.

       You also ponder that every dynasty whatever strong and exalted it is, has to face doon in the last

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Friday, June 5, 2020

Neglected Tourism 12: Samba Fort

Samba Fort

So friends under the series of Neglected Tourism its the last one in Samba Distt JKUT & also the most important one..
It's in the heart of Samba & also the 
pride of #Sambaites as well as #Dogras
This is our Samba_Fort
#Pride_n_Identity of Samba.Its
towering on a hillock. 

It's grandeur & magnificence is still overpowering irrespective of the negligence shown by the respective Govts. Once the #Identity of Samba it is in #Shambles..Built in #14th_Century it was handed over to Maharaja Gulab Singh by Maharaja Ranjit Singh who in turn handed it over to his brother #Suchet_Singh in 1822...In its time it housed #Revenue_Deptt #Tehsil_office & oldest of the #High_School_1905 next to Ranbir High School which have aluminies of great calibre.. 
*General Dharam Singh Sambyal Mandi Kheri
*General Baj Singh of Badori
*General Khajoor Singh Sambyal Mandi Garh(whose untiring efforts upgraded the Middle school here to High School in 1905>
*Late Com.RP Saraf 
*Th.Baldev Singh Politician
*Dhrub Singh Sambyal IGP Retd Wazir Wazarat in Sheikh Abdullahs Cabinet 
*Mulkh Raj Saraf renowned Journalist
*Brigadier Rajinder Singh Sparrow
*Brigadier Onkar Singh
*Brigadier Faqir Singh
*GR Thapa DIG Retired
*KL Sehgal world renowned singer
*Allaha Rakha Tabla master of world repute
*Kehri Singh Madhukar renowned Dogri poet & even unconfirmed sources says *Gulzari Lal Nanda former PM & many more colonels were the product of the school housed here.. Even if we look from this angle.. Even their souls r crying over the condition of the fort(their school)  
 Although the outer part ofthe fort is renovated & looks very beautiful on the Tourism Guide of JKUT but inner looks make u sad & disappointed & wears a deserted looks.

Neglected tourism Distt Samba

Neglected Tourism Distt Samba

Walls & roofs are crumbling & it's turrets/gazebo(यंहा से बाहर देखा जा सकता है ) are in a very bad shape.. Although some renovation work is done on its #Great_Bath(pool/pond) is still in bad shape on its staircase & there is moss & weeds on it & it's walls.

Neglected Tourism Distt Samba

 All rooms are at the verge of falling & there is dampness & filth all around.. The windows & doors extracted when the renovation work was on are taken by people as art piece r used by unscrupulous elements for burning everything is in messy condition & no solution is to be seen.

Besides the repeated attempts of the people of Samba for its #Renovation_in_planned_manner. Nothing concrete has been done so far. Although a paved path has been constructed along its outer side but too much will be done here so that it couldn't be vanished in the #Black_Hole_of_Time.

When u stand on it's outer side towards River Basanter  u r welcomed by the gusty winds & whole panorama of Samba town River Basanter Shivalik Hills mesmerizes u. U at once feel energetic & nostalgia also embraced u. 

So friends it was last one of the series of neglected tourism I hope u all liked it. In the last it's my appeal to the concerned authorities to do something for this fort which is #Identity_n_Pride of Samba & the all other places which iv mentioned in #Neglected_Tourism series. 
Hope I'll come with more interesting information once again
With regards 
Rahul Sambyal 
Chairman Youth For Society
Social Organization  


 Help is taken from the #Memorandum _of_Distt_Samba presented to then Chief Minister by my father Sukhdev Singh Sambyal Advocate on behalf of Distt. Action Committee (1984)

Wednesday, June 3, 2020

Neglected Tourism 11: Baba Shivo Devsthan Goran

Baba Shivo Devsthan Goran
Jai Baba Shivo Ji 

Neglected tourism Distt Samba

The place of Bava Shivo is in the village called Goran of Samba district.  This place is 20 km from Samba bus stand on the Sumb-Goran road towards the northeast. Buses & matadors plied ever half an hour for this place every day & a fair is held here every Sunday and Tuesday and the Bhandara also runs every day.  people from far and wide come here in thousands to express their grief and on getting rid of them pay offerings as well.  Much fame is due to the fulfilling of wishes of people by Baba Ji.

Earlier this place was maintained by the Baridaars but now a Shrine Development committee is dealing with the affairs of this place which was presided over by its chairman Tehsildar Samba & President Des Raj Sharma & the committee members. Everyday there is a Langer for the devotees & on Sundays & Tuesdays there is huge rush of devotees & a fair like situation. Committee has near about 20 paid workers for cookery langar & other affairs related to dev Sthan. 

Before the establishment of the committee there was no development but now there is separate Langar Hall for the devotees & after the establishment of the committee now there are 5 crores rupees in the Bank account of Baba Shivo at J&K Branch Sumb says it's President Des Raj Sharma. He said on Sundays & Tuesdays thousands of the people visit here but the condition of the road is very bad. Although work was started but now due COVID 19 every thing is stalled. 

From Goran Bus stand the link that goes to Baba Shivo's darbar has a culvert which is damaged. Although dev Sthan has lot of land but there is no parking fascility. There is one more proposed road from Goran to Village Kootah by Surara & much of earth work has been done but a forest land hillock is a barrier in this road. Devsthan itself has done so much work on this road. When we asked the president Des Raj Sharma that why they not use the money in the bank for development purposes he said the barridars are fighting a civil case in the Hon'ble court claiming their rights. 

It amazed me that such a spiritual place where people in tens of thousands visit every month is not in the tourist list of Tourism Deptt like Baba Chamliyal Baba Sidh Goria etc. whatsoever be the reasons this place is still longing for its due share in the tourism map of JKUT & can be the bread & butter earners of hundreds of more  people 

Tuesday, June 2, 2020

Neglected Tourism 10: Rani Mandir

Rani Mandir / Shiv Temple 

Rani Mandir  or ancient Shiva temple is located in Arazi Samba region of district Samba, Samba. This historical Shiva temple has memories of the past. From Sambyal Chowk in Samba on Arazi Samba road, a left hand kutcha street leads us there. From the condition of the road it doesn't look that on its end there is an ancient temple which has historical significance. Near its entrance is a Nag Dev Temple the which has a very impressive entrance but all in shambles 

Neglected tourism Distt Samba

A board or Dharmarth Trust there tell u the direction of the temple. But u will feel disappointed because of a dirty & filthy unbuilt Nullah that flows along the kuccha road & u have to cross it before entering into the temple. There is no culvert on this Nullah & still date Nullah is also not built

  Rani Mandir is written on the temple gate.  The Dharmarth trust has recently renovated it but it is better if it is preserved in its old golden color which looks splendid

Neglected tourism Distt Samba

  This temple embraces history in itself. Standing alone in a lonely place, it still speaks of its grandeur. Legend says that this temple was built by the queen of Maharaja Suchet Singh. She used to worship Lord Shiva after taking ablutions  in the holy river Basanter. As built by the queen, it is called as Rani Mandir. The temple is well looked after by the charitable trust & after renovation it looks beautiful. 

Neglected tourism Distt Samba

But the tourism authorities have done nothing. The road and surrounding area itself expresses its carelessness.The well of the temple has not been cleaned. The Garb Grahya of the temple is very beautiful.  The atmosphere here is very delightful. I often wonder this historical place is not on the tourism website.  It tells the whole narrative itself.

The temple itself has a lot of land both in the front & in the backside with proper water fascilities for irrigation. If used properly it can provide revenue to the temple for its development.  But there is lack of will power in the system and in the people. There is another place of Nag Devta in the temple premises where people pray for their safety. 

No matter what the circumstances will be, this ancient temple will remind the people of its great Golden days 

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Sunday, May 31, 2020

Neglected Tourism 9: Utterbehni


It is the holiest of the place of Hindus along with Chhota Kaashi  Purmandal especially in our Duggar Pradesh which is situated on the banks of legendary River Devika and is having centuries old temples of Lord Shiva Abhimukteshwar maharaj  & Gadhadhar Mandir of Lord Vishnu which is on the western side of the river & has all the incarnations of Dash avatars of Lord Vishnu & the one Kalki Avatar also which has to be born in kaliyug in the outer parikrama of the temple. The stone work & wooden pillars are the beauty of this temple. It located at a distance of five kms from Purmandal.

Neglected tourism Distt Samba

Neglected tourism Distt Samba

The name Utterbehni originated due to flow of River Devika to the east although all other rivers flows from east to west. Legend says it was the wish of Maharaja of Jammu to construct a series of temples from Utterbehni to Purmandal. But unfortunately he was died during the construction of Lord Shiva temple in the way which also have the idols of Lord Raghunath ji. That's why this temple was also called Adhvanda Mandir that is temple half constructed. There is a huge stone built rectangular pond near the temple & somewhat resembles with the pond of Fort of Samba but smaller in size which is deteriorating in condition. 

Neglected tourism Distt Samba

The architecture of the temple is same as that of Ranbireshwar Temple Jammu & huge Shivlings are of same kind. Legend also says that the Maharaja only think of the Idols in the dream & idols were present there. The Ground floor  of the building of Abhimukteshwar temple was levelled due to silting of the temple by flooding of River Devika & we have glimpses of ground foor at the downstair entrance near the main temple which is dug out. Once through this entrance people go to the temple. I have himself seen the temple in my childhood when it was half sister. The Darshani Chhatri /Burji which now seen on ground floor was now on first floor. Excavations can throw more light but I think it is not possible now. Now u can't believe that there was a ground floor of the building also like that of Ranbireshwar Temple. Actually floods has caused great havoc to the temples. The sarais near the main Utterbehni chowk r in shambles now. 

Neglected tourism Distt Samba

Although Dharmarth Trust is doing well for the renovation of the temples but Tourism authorities r doing only eye wash. The road connectivity to the area is good but the main bridge joining Utterbehni with Purmandal is broken & still date not overhauled.

There is a huge bell which is hanging on the iron bars on pillars in the Main temple of Lord Shiva. Legend says who he is able to strike it three times in one go.. His one wish will be many people try there but it does not happen..I have also tried but all in vain. This bell material is unknown once it was dropped fell down & broken from one side but still it looks beautiful. There are heaps of stone Shivlings lying there which are still not consecrated. It shows that how big was the plan of Maharaja at that time. Still now whenever a small temple is constructed & need of Shivling there, people go to Utterbehni for Shivlings which are then consecrated. 

Neglected tourism Distt Samba

U can go there either from Birpur side traversing Purmandal or from Vijaypur in Samba Distt .

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